With all my heart, I believe that we can positively change the world.
It starts small. It begins with one person and ripples outward, little by little, heart by heart, until we become a mighty wave capable of doing amazing things.

As a member of BTS ARMY, I recently realized that we can come together in their name to honor the inspiration they have given us. BTS wants us to change the world for good, starting with us. [Here is a video of Kim Namjoon addressing the UN on behalf of the youth of the world.]

If we want to show BTS that we really love them, that we’re listening to their message, this is a chance to put our gratitude into action.

Our mission:

  • To participate in small-scale initiatives to improve our community and make our world a better, safer place.
  • To generate positive media in relation to BTS as an opportunity to strengthen their brand.
  • To meet and interact with like-minded ARMY united with a common goal.

Here are the first two proposal ideas for the 7-Hearts-One-Star project:

  1. ReplantAmazon: As part of the effort to restore the Amazon rain forest, we will plant 7 trees in the name of BTS
    – Total cost of the project: $63
    – Project completion will be determined by the amount of time it takes to raise funds.
  2. For the month of June, all proceeds of Sea Glass will go toward a local LGBTQ+ charity in honor of Pride Month.
    – I have made contact with the local PFLAG chapter for approval with their Board of Directors

As ARMY, we have among us organizers, artists, writers, scientists, lawyers, doctors, students. How happy would we make BTS if we organized donation campaigns to Unicef? Or if we made collective donations to inner-city music programs?

Please message me at celesteavonne@gmail.com with any fundraising ideas or charity events we can participate in to achieve our goals.