Glossary for Sea Glass, Page 2

11. An ondol is a Korean heating system that pipes hot water under the floor.

12. The suffix -ssi is an honorific used among people of approximately equal speech level. In this story, these suffixes will be used to denote the level of formality between characters.

13. Banchan is the collective name for Korean side dishes served with meals.

14. KKT is short for KakaoTalk, a popular Korean chat and phone app.

15. In Korea, an ahjumma is an older woman who is of marriageable age. It’s a little more complicated than that, but it’s typically an older woman, like an aunt.

16. In Korea, an ahjussi is a middle-aged man, but it can also be used as a term addressing an unfamiliar grown man, like the word ‘Mister.’

17. Beondegi is a Korean street food made from boiled silkworm larvae.

18. The suffix -ah is a term of endearment added to a name when referring to someone in first person. Though these types of suffixes are used frequently in spoken Korean, for the purpose of this story, they will only be used to denote the formality of a relationship between characters.

19. A sasaeng is a person who stalks a celebrity.

20. Jinjja is an expression that means, “Really?” in Korean.

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