Glossary for Sea Glass, Page 3

21. The suffix -ichi is a diminutive term of endearment.

22. A PC Bang is a game room in Korea.

23. A hagwon academy is an intense afterschool program in Korea. Most students attend at least one.

24. Mandopop is a term for Mandarin Chinese pop music.

25. Dispatch is a very popular Korean tabloid-style entertainment magazine.

26. Cass is a popular Korean beer.

27. A pyeong is a Korean unit of area and floorspace.

28. Kimbap (or gimbap) is a Korean dish of rice and vegetables rolled in sheets of dried laver seaweed and served in bite-size slices.

29. Gochujang is Korean red chili paste.

30. Hyungnim is an honorific term of endearment used to show polite affection and deference to an older male.

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