Glossary for Sea Glass, page 6

51. Using ski poles as a walking aid is a common practice among the elderly population in Korea. Often, they will meet in large groups, dressed in tracksuits, and they use ski poles to hike the mountains and trails of Korea.

52. Seollal is the Korean lunar new year.

53. Bingsu is a Korean shaved ice dessert, served often with fruit and sweetened condensed milk.

54. Daebak is a Korean word that means awesome.

55. Geonbae is a Korean toast meaning Cheers!

56. Chuseok is Korean Thanksgiving.

57. Ddaeng is like a buzzer sound in a game show. It’s become a term that means, ‘Wrong, try again.’

58. Aegyo is over-the-top cuteness, typically used by young girls, but employed by men as well, though mostly in jest.

  • The use of taejin in this context is meant purely for inspirational purposes.

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