Glossary for Sea Glass, Page 4

31. Jomsaeng-i byul is the name of the Pleiades constellation in Korean.

32. The suffix -ie is an honorific used to refer to someone in third person. Though these types of suffixes are used frequently in spoken Korean, for the purpose of this story, they will only be used to denote the formality of a relationship between characters.

33. Dongsaeng is a term of endearment for a younger male friend. Literally, it translates to little brother.

34. The Cassandra Complex is the name given to a phenomenon where people who predict bad news or warnings are ignored or outright dismissed.

35. The suffix -nim denotes a position of honor. It’s highly formal and considered very polite.

36. Abeoji is the Korean word for father.

37. Japchae is savory stir-fried noodles with mixed vegetables.

38. Tteok is a sweet and chewy rice cake.

39. The maknae is the youngest male in a group. Koreans are very strict in upholding the hierarchy of age. The maknae is treated differently within a group than the others.

40. Aigoo is an exclamation, kind of like Oh goodness.

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