Song-jin lives by his own terms. He keeps to himself, maintaining a life of solitude and study. As a climate researcher, Song-jin dedicated his life’s work to the plight of the endangered wetlands of Busan in order to distract himself from his own mortality.

Tae-yul lives on the scrape. He crashes from scheme to scam, hoping to land his next big break, but more often winding up with bruises and busted ribs. As a paparazzi photographer, Tae-yul chases other people’s dreams because he’s too afraid to pursue his own.

But everything changes when Tae-yul discovers Song-jin on the beach, all alone, digging for clams. In a chance meeting, Song-jin gifts Tae-yul with a piece of sea glass. Yet what was meant to be a small token exchanged between strangers turns into a catalyst, compelling Tae-yul to dig deeper, to uncover the secrets of this mysterious man who loves birds and dances for clams.

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