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My most recent novel…

Sea Glass is available at Smashwords, on Amazon Kindle, and as a paperback.

Sea Glass is the story of Kim Song-jin, an independent climate researcher who has dedicated his life’s work to protecting the endangered wildlife habitats of his beloved Busan. He lives in the shadows of the hotel his family owns, keeping to his solitary life as a way to distract himself from his own mortality.

Then Kim Tae-yul crash lands into Song-jin’s life. Tae-yul lives on the scrape, crashing from from scheme to scam, hoping to land his next big break. More often, though, he winds up with busted ribs and bruises. As a paparazzi photographer, Tae-yul chases other people’s dreams because he’s too afraid to pursue his own.

But everything changes when Tae-yul discovers Song-jin on the beach, all alone, digging for clams. In a chance meeting, Song-jin gifts Tae-yul with a piece of sea glass. Yet what was meant to be a small token exchanged between strangers turns into a catalyst, compelling Tae-yul to dig deeper, to uncover the secrets of this mysterious man who loves birds and dances for clams.

Other works:

The Answer Series
A story about falling in love and keeping it

Answer Me
Being with Taehyung means Seokjin gets to fall in love with him over and over again. But it’s the consequences of falling that may break his heart.

For Now, Forever
Falling in love with Taehyung was one thing; keeping it is another.

Wide Awake
Life and time and circumstances take their toll on Seokjin and Taehyung, forcing them to see themselves as they truly are.

What If, Maybe?
Seokjin and Taehyung learn that sometimes growing up means letting go.

From Now On
What do you wish for when all your dreams have come true?

Other novels…

Elsekind is a young adult fantasy novel about Kex Mardugal, a half-Alusian knight with an uncanny ability to see around the edges of magic. Because of her unique perspective and elite fighting skills, an enigmatic wizard enlists her to fight an evil interloper threatening to overtake their world. Order on Amazon. It’s also available on Audible.com/Elsekind.

My most recent short story…

Cherry Squid – An Award-winning science fiction story about a woman and her daughter finally finding their true selves on a foreign planet.

My blog of random blogness…

Recipes, life advice, random rants, and book reviews.

My first novel…

Reprieve is a Southern Gothic novel about race and redemption in a small East Texas town. In the summer of 1992, Meredith and Gale find the body of a dead black man in their segregated hometown of Levine. That night, Gale runs away from home, disappearing for thirteen years, until Meredith finds his picture in a magazine. She tracks Gale down and invokes a childhood promise that drags them both back to Levine. There they must face the monsters of their youth in order to uncover the truth about the event that ruined their lives.

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Celeste Avonne is a novelist, a mom, a journalist, and teacher. She writes characters who struggle with racial identity and LGBT+ representation. She graduated from Texas State with a degree in writing, taught in the public school system for a decade, and lived in Korea for a year. She loves cats, fanfiction, cookies, and travel. She currently lives in San Marcos, Texas, with her son, her fiance, and their friendly feline overlord. She believes wholeheartedly that stories will save the world.

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