Glossary Page for Sea Glass

  1. Princess Hwangok – The mermaid statue is a representation of Sea Princess Hwangok (Topaz), who gazes into the open sea from the point of Dongbaekseom off to the west of Haeundae Beach. The sea princess came from the land of Naranda, a mythical sea kingdom of mermaids and tritons, to marry King Eunhye of Mugung, another legendary kingdom. However, estranged from her beloved Naranda where mermaids danced in the waves and dove deep below for pearls and shells, Sea Princess Hwangok missed her home-sea and so the waxing of every moon when her heart was at its heart-breaking fullest, the princess would sit on a rock and mourn the loss of her homeland while clutching a topaz bead given to her by her mother-in-law.

  2. Hyung is a term of endearment from a younger man to an older one. Literally, it translates to older brother.

  3. Pabo is the Korean word for idiot.

  4. Halabeoji is the Korean word for Grandfather.

  5. Halmeoni means grandmother.

  6. Eomma is the Korean word for Mom.

  7. Hoesik is a kind of Korean after-work socialization that involves going out to eat and drink with co-workers.

  8. A Noraebang is a Korean singing room.

  9. Noona is a term of endearment from a younger man to an older woman. It literally translates to older sister.

  10. The won (₩) is a Korean unit of currency.